The Monastery at Clonmacnois,Co Offally, was founded in the 6th century by St Ciaran, the monastery became a great centre of learning and many famous manuscripts were written here, including the Book of Dun Cow written in the 12th century. Amongst the many remains at Clonmacnois are two complete High Crosses plus the remains of another. The most famous being, the Cross of the Scriptures, also known as King Flann's Cross, It is the centre-piece of the new interpretive centre, the crosses were moved from their original positions in 1991 and moved into the new centre, then superb replicas were placed outside in the original positions. Pictured right is the west face of the Cross of the Scriptures, showing from the bottom panel up, Soldiers guarding the tomb of Christ, the arrest of Christ, Flagellation and in the centre of the ring the crucifixtion. this cross is decorated with figure sculpture on all four sides.

The Cross was mentioned twice in the annals of the Four Masters, first in 957 and later in 1060. At the centre of the East face is the Last Judgement, and at the top of the East shaft is a panel showing Christ with Peter and Paul, on the base are three riders facing left and two chariots facing right. Below this panel are two more panels bearing iconography that are still open to interpretation. At the bottom of the shaft is an inscription that has now become almost impossible to see, OR DO COLMAN DORRO .....CROSSA AR RIG FL.ND, A prayer for Colman who had the cross erected on King Flann.